Catalyst: Decay Chains book cover
Catalyst: Decay Chains book cover

What you need to know about Catalyst: decay chains

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Experience the days leading up to the zombie apocalypse

Goodreads reviews Catalyst: Decay Chains

1. It's Dystopian fiction.

2. It's a horror novel with loads of gore, profanity and zombie apocalypse gruesomeness.

3. It's freaking awesome.

Are you ready for what happens in the days just before the apocalypse?

Think twice before you answer.

Catalyst: Decay Chains, a semifinalist in the Booklife Prize in Fiction, follows the actions of Stormy Theo and her group of Supervirus survivors as they attempt to stop the terrorist organization known as Cold World from initiating the zombie apocalypse.

Purchase Catalyst: Decay Chains today to learn what really happens in the weeks, days and minutes before civilization is thrust into chaos and ravaged by flesh-eating terrors.

Kate Wars' debut novel, Catalyst: Decay Chains released on 5-5-16 and is available for purchase on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.