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Praise for Catalyst: Decay Chains, a semifinalist in the 2016 Booklife Prize in Fiction contest:

About Catalyst: Decay Chains

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When a corporation initiates the apocalypse intentionally, lines are drawn that force a loving couple to become fierce enemies.

Stormy Theo survives her first encounter with the Supervirus, but her boyfriend, Matt, is directly exposed to it. Grief devastates her as the virus consumes the person Matt once was and leaves behind a depraved monster. Propelled by pure anger, Stormy does what any lover wants to do, but no normal person actually does. She assembles a small team of survivors and goes after the organization known as Cold World. The organization that is infecting the masses and gearing up to jump-start the apocalypse. Can Stormy cripple Cold World or will her inner turmoil work in their favor?

Kate Wars was once a reading teacher, but is now a novelist and journalist. When not writing, she can be found with her nose stuffed in a book or binge-watching “The Walking Dead.” Either way, she’ll have a cup of artisan coffee or tea in close proximity. She also keeps a pen and paper nearby, because sometimes, her dreams try to tell her haunting stories. Her family calls Central Florida home.

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Catalyst: Decay Chains book cover

"This brilliantly-written book is a page turner from the get-go. The story centers on Stormy, whose boyfriend, Matt, is extremely sick. After she insists he go to the hospital, she ends up entangled in a terrorist plot that releases a virus throughout the building and kills most of the people inside. The virus also has a strange effect on the dead; it reanimates them as zombie-like creatures called “supers” that aggressively pursue the few surviving humans. The author does a superb writing job throughout, but the action scenes in particular are very gripping. The story unfolds at a quick pace, and the reader is sucked in from beginning to end, feeling Stormy’s fear and the adrenaline that keeps her going. Character development, even of minor players, is strong. Overall, a top-notch book by a gifted writer"--Booklife Prize in Fiction assessment

Catalyst: Decay Chains book cover
Catalyst: Decay Chains book cover

"Kate Wars proves her worth with her debut novel, Catalyst. Her characters stay with you long after you've reached the final page, and her knack for spine-chilling suspense makes it impossible to wait for the next book of the series." --Ryan Gish

"Some say even the darkest souls can still love. This love is unbreakable, even with no soul inside, and the threat of another lurking in the wings." --April Lockner

"As the world is thrown into chaos, hope is restored with courage, grit and heart. Stormy Theo is not your average zombie warrior." --Ron Colaninno

"Your deepest, bloodiest nightmares brought to life with the names changed to protect the newly undead and military defense tactics and gritty humor added for a false sense of comfort against the inevitable Supervirus." --Cindy Leto