A lot can change in 30 days. 

A person can change.

They can die and come back.

Or a person can suffer a fate worse than death. Something like watching someone they love die violently. 

And then find out that he didn’t really die. He just succumbed to the Supervirus and was reborn as the worst version of his human self.

Yeah. That can change a person. 

Because it hurts more to know that the love of your life is still out there then it would hurt to know that he had died. Not because you are selfish and immature, but because you know he’s deranged and will hurt people. 

Because sometimes you feel like you are being watched when no is around. 

The shadows seem to be keeping secrets from you. Secrets that could get you and your friends killed. Secrets that could derail your one and only plan. You know, the one that is humanity’s last and best hope. 

Because a month ago it would never have occurred to you that you might have to kill your boyfriend or try to stop a major corporation from infecting innocent people with the Supervirus.

But then again, a month ago all was right with the world and people weren’t dying all around you. 

A lot can happen in 30 days. The world can go from completely normal to a full-blown apocalypse. And even if you aren't infected, you will never be the same. 

See for yourself. Purchase Catalyst: Decay Chains and enjoy it in your preferred format today.

Set in the 30 days leading up to the apocalypse, Catalyst: Decay Chains is an adult horror novel that riffs off Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” in a pretty morbid way. 

Catalyst: Decay Chains is a particularly gripping apocalyptic read for fans of “1984,” “Resident Evil” or anyone who is certain that mega corporations are going to jettison the world into the apocalypse. 

 This dystopian novel unfurls at a brisk pace and will be a rather satisfying read for your favorite doomsday prepper, beloved conspiracy theorist, most rabid zombie enthusiast, or all three. 

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Kate Wars was once a reading teacher, but is now a novelist and freelance journalist. She also works for the man full-time in a cushy office with all the trappings on non-apocalyptic life, of which her favorite is air conditioning.

When not writing, she can be found with her nose stuffed in a book or binge-watching “The Walking Dead." Please note that she does not watch "Fear the Walking Dead" because that show does nothing for her. Either way, she’ll have a cup of artisan coffee or tea in close proximity. She also keeps a pen and paper nearby, because sometimes, her dreams try to tell her haunting stories. Her family calls Central Florida home.

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Praise for Catalyst: Decay Chains, a semifinalist in the 2016 Booklife Prize in Fiction contest:

About Catalyst: Decay Chains

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reviews for  catalyst: Decay chains

"Kate Wars proves her worth with her debut novel, Catalyst. Her characters stay with you long after you've reached the final page, and her knack for spine-chilling suspense makes it impossible to wait for the next book of the series." --Ryan Gish

"Some say even the darkest souls can still love. This love is unbreakable, even with no soul inside, and the threat of another lurking in the wings." --April Lockner

"As the world is thrown into chaos, hope is restored with courage, grit and heart. Stormy Theo is not your average zombie warrior." --Ron Colaninno

"Your deepest, bloodiest nightmares brought to life with the names changed to protect the newly undead and military defense tactics and gritty humor added for a false sense of comfort against the inevitable Supervirus." --Cindy Leto

About Kate wars, author of catalyst: decay chains

"This brilliantly-written book is a page turner from the get-go. The story centers on Stormy, whose boyfriend, Matt, is extremely sick. After she insists he go to the hospital, she ends up entangled in a terrorist plot that releases a virus throughout the building and kills most of the people inside. The virus also has a strange effect on the dead; it reanimates them as zombie-like creatures called “supers” that aggressively pursue the few surviving humans. The author does a superb writing job throughout, but the action scenes in particular are very gripping. The story unfolds at a quick pace, and the reader is sucked in from beginning to end, feeling Stormy’s fear and the adrenaline that keeps her going. Character development, even of minor players, is strong. Overall, a top-notch book by a gifted writer"--Booklife Prize in Fiction Assessment

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